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A Bit of History

    The Blue Stone Inn was built in the 1920's and has been in the Olschofka family since 1949. Katharine and Ernest Olschofka, grandparents of the current owner, settled in New York City after immigrating from Germany in 1919. They both worked in the hotel business in New York, then moved with their son Karl to the rural community of Lacey Spring in the Shenandoah Valley to operate the Blue Stone Inn. 


Situated on US route 11,
which was then the main
north-south highway
through the Valley, the
small "mom-and-pop"
type restaurant and
cabin-style motel
catered to locals and
tourists alike.

                                                  Karl Olschofka and his father Ernest in 1949

     Karl ran the business as his parents grew older, and in 1976 his son Mike took over as owner and operator. While the motel eventually fell victim to changing times and Interstate 81, the restaurant continues to draw both local patrons and tourists visiting our beautiful valley. The restaurant has seen many changes over the years, and is now considered by many customers to be one of the best restaurants in the Valley. Mike and his wife Janet and have been operating the family-style restaurant continuously since 1976, with considerable help from their youngest son, Tom (generation #4!).

                     The Olschofka family thanks you for your patronage!